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Welcome to Descipher!

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Descipher™ is focused on the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). For the specialists and nonspecialists alike, STEM can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to apply to everyday personal, professional, commercial, and governmental problems. Let us help you decipher the technical world around you.

Our major effort has been to develop health applications using proprietary medical artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. This approach was conceptualized and prototyped in the 1980's but, until recently, AI has not been popular, especially in the health field. Over the past decade or so, the primary application Argo™ has been generalized from a mathematical viewpoint, making the knowledge base and inference structure applicable to almost any subject matter and computer environment with relatively simple maintenance.


to name just some of its properties.

Descipher™ Health

The field of health and wellness is one of the most important applications of STEM knowledge that people face. Try a demonstration of our Argo Clinical Decision Support System with a medical knowledge base. It is known in the medical informatics discipline as a clinical decision support system. If you have clinical results, it will help you find consistent diagnoses. If you have a list of potential diagnoses, it will help you determine which clinical tests to perform.