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About Descipher, LLC

Our Name

The name Descipher (de-SCI-pher) was chosen because we wanted to simplify science for the everyone. Since the other aspects of STEM are so interrelated, we have broadened the scope but have not found a better name.

Our Mission

We are researching translational solutions for the application of STEM knowledge to problems in everyday life. This means we are not, in general, generating new knowledge, but are looking for ways to make STEM knowledge understandable by everyone and are creating software applications to achieve this goal. Because our skills are focused on research and development with limited resources, we are seeking R&D partnerships, investors, acquirers, licensees, OEM relationships, joint ventures, etc. to commercialize our intellectual property (IP) with the goal of making the broadest impact on the application of STEM knowledge around the world. Our goal is not financial. We are happy to let others capitalize on the business opportunities. If it makes sense, we would consider making some or all of the IP into an open-source software project.

If you would like to explore business opportunities, please send email via "Contact Us" with "Business Development Inquiry" in the Subject field.

We would be interested in clinical research collaborations such as clinical data studies to validate the CDSS and clinical trials using it as a tool for identifying pathological or pharmacological patterns. If you would like to explore clinical research or practice applications, please send email via "Contact Us" with "Clinical Use or Research Inquiry" in the Subject field.

Also if you have constructive comments, are interested in learning more about Descipher's products and services, or have suggestions for products and services, please contact us.

Our Team

Partner & Managing Director

Craig Trost is an MD clincial pathologist and PhD biostatistician with additional training in medical artificial intelligence, epidemiology, and nutrition along with an MS in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health. Prior to starting Descipher, he worked for two medical software startups and three pharmaceutical companies with emphasis in disease pattern recognition and drug safety. His interests and expertise include the application of medical knowledge using intelligent software to achieve efficient and accurate health care decisions, optimized for the individual patient.

Partner & Website Design/Social Media Director

Brian Trost is a BA statistician and specializes in user interfaces and technical customer support.